MACH2 High Times Cool Whip MXS MJB N-Junior ADHF

Reno X Soupy
born February 20, 2009

owned by Tamara Fanter

whip with her jh ribbon
Whip with her Junior Hunter ribbon

AKC Agility Nationals

Whip came in 35th overall at the 2017 AKC Agility Nationals and is still running great at age 8!

Whip Ranked Among AKC TopDogs in Agility MACH Competition for Golden Retrievers!

Whip ranked #29 of all Golden Retrievers competing nationally in AKC for events held between January 1 and August 28, 2013! Way to go, Whip and Tamara!

whip 16 months
Whip has her AX and AXJ!

Dock Diving!

whip diving
whip flying

whip dock finals

Whip won the Junior Division at the Dock Dog Nationals jumping 19' 3' at 8 months of age!!

Video of Whip at the Dockdogs National Championships, First Place, Junior Big Air!

bridget and hootie heeling by pond