Training Philosophy

hootie heelingBridget's primary goal is to develop dogs that like to work. She feels that a dog who is having fun and enjoys what he is doing, will show the animated working style that her dogs are known for. While she values accuracy, she does not want a dog that is just "going through the motions" with no love for his work. Bridget's dogs train and compete in Obedience, Agility and Field Trials.

Bridget is known for being consistent, patient and using a well thought-out approach to training. She respects her dogs and their intelligence and holds them to the highest standard they can achieve. This will be a different level for each individual dog. Realizing that, allows her to be fair to her dogs while setting clear expectations for them. She believes that dogs understand best when the trainer is absolutely clear and consistent in the use of both rewards and corrections.

Her leadership style allows her dogs to perform with a high degree of accuracy. Their animated attitude comes from her ability to play with her dogs, be sincere in her praise, and maintain a good relationship with them.

She is creative and thoughtful in developing a dog's training program. She continually develops new ideas and tries to tailor her training to address the reason for whatever problem the dog may be experiencing.

Soupy being very naughty during an Open run. Bridget is thrilled
that she can still have a naughty side after earning 4400 Otch points!

bridget and hootie heeling at pond