Moolah Ot Vitosha IPO3 FH

Belgian Malinois

moolah with yellow flowers

Moolah is Bridget's first Belgian Malinois.

Bridget shows Moolah in IPO, a dog sport which consists of obedience, tracking and protection work.

Bridget and Moolah Place Second at 2017 AWDF Championship

Bridget and Moolah placed second at the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF) Championship, which is very difficult to do with a female dog. They also got high scoring Handler Owner Trainer (HOT) and High Scoring Female Dog.
bridget and moolah with 2017 awdf trophies

Bridget and Moolah at the FCI-IPO World Championships

Bridget and Moolah represented the United States at the FCI-IPO championships in Slovenia. The competition lasted three days, September 15-17, 2016, and each dog performed tracking, obedience and protection. They earned a 93 in Tracking, a 92 in Obedience and an 84 in Protection for a total of 269, finishing in the top third of all dogs competing. Although Moolah didn't get the points Bridget was hoping for, she was very pleased with her overall performance. Team USA took sixth place out of over 30 teams at the competition. This was Bridget and Moolah's second time competing in IPO at the international level.

Cover Girls!

The cover of the July / August issue of USCA Schutzhund Magazine features a photo of Bridget and Moolah. The photo shows the team celebrating their win at the 2016 USCA Working Dog IPO Championship in this photo by Brian Aghajani Photography.

bridget hugging moolah on magazine cover

Moolah is the 2016 USCA Working Dog IPO Champion

In May 2016, Bridget and Moolah won the 2016 USCA Working Dog IPO Championship in Chelsea, Michigan. She also completed her FH title for Tracking while taking second place in the FH Championship. She is now Moolah Ot Vitosha IPO3 FH.

bridget and moolah national champions wdc

Bridget and Moolah place 5th at AWDF, Qualify for World Championship

In April 2016, Bridget and Moolah placed 5th at the American Working Dog Federation Championship in Chicago, IL after a hot and exhausting three days of competition in Obedience, Tracking and Protection. This placement qualified them for the FCI World Championship in Slovakia where they will be competing September 14 18, 2016. Bridget and Moolah were the only female handler and female dog to place in the top 5.

bridget and moolah 5th place 2016 awdf championship

World IPO Championship - USA Team Places 3rd

In May 2015, Bridget and Moolah traveled to the Czech Republic for the World IPO Championships.

They got a perfect score on the Tracking portion of the test. The USA team placed third.

bridget and moolah with awdf trophies bridget and moolah with awdf trophies

Moolah Places 2nd at AWDF Championship - Qualifies for FCI Championship in Switzerland!

Bridget and Moolah placed second at the 2015 AWDF Championship held April 9th - 12th in Farmington, MO.

Moolah got the highest Obedience score of the trial. This qualifies them to represent the USA at the FCI Championship to be held in September in Switzerland.

bridget and moolah with awdf trophies bridget and moolah on podium
bridget and moolah with awdf trophies bridget and moolah doing a send-out
bridget and moolah with dumbbell bridget and moolah hug

Video of Bridget and Moolah at 2015 AWDF Championship - Starts at 0:52 (Bridget's section)

Moolah's IPO3 and 2nd Place at the AWMA National IPO Championships

bridget and moolah second place moolah doing protection work

At age 4, Moolah completed her IPO3 while competing at the 2014 American Working Malinois Association (AWMA) National IPO Championship held in Florida in December 2014.

Bridget and Moolah placed 2nd, qualifying them for the World IPO Championship to be held in the Czech Republic in May 2015! This is Bridget's first dog competing in IPO and her first IPO3. It was extra special to earn the title at the Championship among so many excellent dogs and handlers.

View a brief video of Moohah's Protection Work at the 2014 AWMA National IPO Championship from Ot Vitosha Malinois & Premier Protection Dogs on Facebook.

Moolah's BH at Two Years Old

moolah heeling with bridget moolah heeling with bridget

Moolah in Training

moolah training protection work moolah running with bumper

Moolah's Training Videos:

Moolah's Movie - October 23, 2012

Moolah - 11 Months Old - Heeling

Moolah - 7 Months Old - Beginning Bite Work

Moolah - 4 Months Old - Foundation Training

bridget and hootie heeling by pond