Host A Seminar: Information and Tools for Clubs

  1. Decide on a topic for the seminar (see list below).

  2. Email Bridget or phone at 815-545-0162 to confirm fees and availability of dates.

  3. Download the Seminar Contract as an MS Word document or PDF from this website. This document contains Bridget's cancelation policy and other details. Please read it carefully, even if you have hosted previous seminars, as some items have changed.

  4. Send the completed and signed contract along with your deposit check to Bridget. In fairness to other clubs, your date will not be reserved or posted on this website until the signed contract and deposit check are received.

  5. Download the appropriate questionnaire, distribute to working teams and return completed questionnaires to Bridget.

Download Regular Questionnaire for Working Teams (Microsoft Word format).
For the regular seminar; NOT for Problem Solving Seminar.

Download Motivation and Problem Solving Questionnaire for Working Teams (Microsoft Word format).
For Motivation and Problem Solving Seminars ONLY

Seminar Topics Offered...

Training Novice through Utility with Enthusiasm!

Length of Seminar: 2 Days

Learn how Bridget teaches the Obedience exercises from Novice through Utility. The goal of this training program is to create and maintain the skills and enthusiasm needed to hold up through years of showing in the obedience ring. There will be an emphasis on motivational techniques and the use of jackpotting. Limit of 20 working teams. Groups of 4 teams will come out on the floor to work throughout the day.

Problem Solving

Length of Seminar: 1 or 2 Days

Bridget will assist working teams with their training problems based on the information from the questionnaire, as well as her assessment at the seminar. The goal of this seminar is to give each working team several solutions to take home. The number of working teams will be determined by Bridget and the club based on the experience level of the attendees.

Motivational Techniques

Length of Seminar: 1 Day

Learn motivational techniques to engage the young dog in the learning process or to make training fun again for the experienced dog. Structure your training sessions so that the dog gets enjoyment from them. Learn how to more effectively use jackpots and training games to achieve and maintain an enthusiastic working dog.

Advanced Only: Open and Utility

Length of Seminar: 1 or 2 Days

The Open and Utility classes contain all the interesting tasks that are fun for the dog. Yet, many dogs and handlers 'hit a wall' when training and maintaining these exercises. Bridget will teach students how to break down and teach these exercises and then provide the proofing and motivational techniques required to maintain a consistent and confident performance.

Beginning: Puppy through Novice

Length of Seminar: 1 or 2 Days

This seminar is for both the Novice A / Rally trainer AND the experienced trainer who wants to start his/her new dog off right. It will also include techniques to help the older dog who has lost interest in heeling. Bridget will share her techniques for teaching the basic body awareness and control which set the foundation for all other training. This seminar will have a strong emphasis on ANIMATED heeling and attention.

bridget and hootie heel by pond