OTCH High Times What a Doozie UDX3 OM6

Hootie X Soupy
born August 2, 2010

Owned by Susan Westover

Golden Retriever

2016 NOC - Doozie Takes Second in Sporting Group and Ranks 18th in Finals

The 2016 AKC Obedience National Championship was held on March 19th and 20th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the end of day one, Doozie ranked second in the Sporting Group and also second overall, five points behind her half-sister, Saucy with a score of 731.0+. At the end of day two, Doozie and Susan placed 18th in the finals, with a score of 411.5.

soupy kids win top 3 in sporting group at 2016 NOC
Top Three in Sporting Group -- All Soupy Kids; Saucy, Doozie and Buoy

Two 200s!

Susan Westover and Doozie did it again. Two 200's. (Soupy x Hootie) Souper Stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doozie with 2 HIT and 2 HC rosettes

A 200 AND a 199.5!

On July 12, 2015 Susan and Doozie won High in Trial and High Combined by earned a 200 in Open B and a 199.5 in Utility B at the Del Monte Kennel Club Show.

They were even featured on the local news. Watch here. (Starts at 0:24).

"Souper" proud of this team!

doozie with HIT and HC rosettes

Top 20 at the AKC 2015 National Obedience Championship

Susan and Doozie made Top 20 at AKC 2015 National Obedience Championship. On Saturday, after Round 1, They made the first cut into the Top 50, tying for 9th place with a score of 727.0 points out of 740.

Then in Round 2 on Sunday, all teams started with a "clean slate" (no points carried over). Susan and Doozie made the second cut into the Top 20, placing 12th in the round with a score of 519.0 points out of 530. The event was held at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO on March 14-15.

doozie open rosettes
doozie novice rosettes

Open: Three CDX Legs with Three High in Trial Awards!

Doozie's Open scores were 198, 198.5 and 198.5! What an awesome team!!

Novice: Doozie Showed Six Times

4 High In Trial Awards
6 First Places
2 - 199.5 Scores
2 -199 Scores
1-198.5 Scores
1-198 Score

Congratulations to Susan and Doozie!!

bridget and hootie heeling by pond