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Hootie X Soupy
born August 2, 2010

Owned by Kathy Rasinowich-Platt

Beacon Places 5th - AKC 2015 National Obedience Championship

At the AKC 2015 National Obedience Championship at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO, on March 14-15, Beacon Placed 5th overall. On Saturday, after Round 1, Kathy and Beacon made the first cut into the Top 50, placing third overall with a score of 732.5+ points out of 740. They received a special award for placing 3rd in the Sporting Group.

Top 4 - Sporting Group

Then in Round 2 on Sunday, all teams started with a "clean slate" (no points carried over). Kathy and Beacon made the second cut into the Top 20, placing 8th in the round with a score of 521.0 points out of 530. In Round 3 (finals), all teams started with a "clean slate" again. Kathy and Beacon finished 5th with a score of 490+ points out of 500.

2014 AKC National Obedience Championship - First Runner Up

Kathy and Beacon took second place this year. Congratulations to Kathy and Beacon! We are so proud of you!!

Beacon is an OTCH, a UDX and an OM2!

Beacon and Kathy after completing their OTCH
On Jun 21, 2013, Beacon got his 9th UDX leg, first High Combined and his OTCH! He was first in Open B with a score of 199 and second in Utility B with a 198.5. The next day, June 22nd, he finished his UDX and his OM2.

Beacon's First High in Trial!

beacon and kathy with high in trial ribbon and prize chair
Beacon got his first HIT on September 9, 2012 at the Des Moines Kennel Club trial out of the Novice B class with a score of 199.5. Beacon has a very promising future and we are looking forward to cheering for him for many years to come!

Beacon's First Blue Ribbon

beacon with his first blue ribbon

Baby Beacon

beacon with stuffed Cat in the Hat beacon doing a play bow beacon lying down again

bridget and hootie heeling by pond