Unsolicited testimonials from students who have attended Bridget's obedience seminars, used her videos, or taken private lessons.

soupy and hootie

It's Never Too Late!

Just a quick thank you for your fabulous DVD on attitude. My dog is 8 1/2 years old and had been trained by the yank, crank, and choke method. I purchased your DVD in February and did not show him until this past Saturday. What a difference! His attitude .. and, mine - had changed dramatically for the better.

While we did not qualify our class, I can say that this show was our best show experience EVER!!! Oh, and by the way .. the exercise we did not qualify??? Was completely "MY" fault. So, you are absolutely right when you say that it is never too late to begin your program to get fantastic results!

Again, my sincere thanks.....
Valerie Wolf in Pahrump, Nevada

Renewed, Inspired and Ready to Keep Trying

Just a note to say thanks again for such a wonderful lesson! You are kinda like going to church - I was pretty bummed this weekend and was beginning to think that I couldn't get Oz to heel like he should, and then also I hate to keep bothering you about heeling all the time!! But then you just nod your head and zing! you say: here we'll try this! I always seem to come back home renewed, inspired and ready to keep trying ( therefore you are similar to a good pastor! you give your parishioners/students hope, renew their spirits and give them strength to keep going!) LOL! Thanks so much for being so patient!

Christy Dyke

Heeling and Attitude -- More Fun and Engaged

I wanted to share with you Canyon's last leg in Open A. We showed 4 times, 4 class wins and 2 scores of 197...this one was a 195, but I liked it the best. I know there are things I need to fix in that performance, but I was very happy and it was fun! Thanks to your help, his heeling and attitude is so much more fun and engaged. His performance is a great reflection of what I have learned from you...THANKS! (Can you tell??)

Diane Orth and Canyon

I Learned How Much Fun the Learning Process Can and Should Be

We attended your seminar in Houston, TX. last Feb. and you helped me learn how to deal with my crazy Golden Retriever Mollie. I've never shown before and trying to emulate your training started off being so difficult to grasp. But after attending your seminar I learned how much fun the learning process can and should be and have been trying to be creative and consistent. We just completed our last leg for her to receive the CD title. Mollie was 3 for 3 and all scores were in the 190's. Because it's my first, it's a big deal and wanted to thank you. We are the envy of everyone that watches us compete, everyone wants to know where we train... I get strange looks when I tell them we are doing it from the guidance received at the seminar. She got 1 point off for moving a foot during the stand for exam and 1 point off because she was just a little crooked on the front and finish. It may not have been a perfect 200 but not bad for a couple of rookies! Besides the fact we arrived for this show 3 minutes before entering the ring, she loves the "show" game. Google maps can be wrong!! Thanks for showing me a better way to train!!!! I may have a different dog but I will be back in Houston for your next visit :-)

Stace Fuller

Dog Training, and Now Showing, So Much Fun!

I wanted to let you know that I have never gone into an obedience ring with the feeling I had recently when I showed Pinch in Utility. You have changed my whole way of thinking about dog training.

With previous dogs, I never felt confident in in the ring and always took failing so hard. I don't think it was the failing itself, but the fact that I didn't know what to do next. I never broke down the exercises so much before and also never went back to simpler steps in order to work through problems. Basically I just drilled and corrected until my dogs lost all their desire to work and were having no fun. When I failed on Saturday, I was happy with all she did, not dwelling on the one mistake, because I knew we could work it out. I got so many compliments on her.

Thank you so much for making dog training, and now showing, so much fun. I'm really looking forward to next weekend.

Jan and Pinchie (Miniature Pinscher)

pinchie front pinchie head pinchie heel

Four First Places!

I just wanted to let you know that since your seminar I am getting more focus from Bree. We were in a trial this weekend and 4 times in the ring earned us 4 first places!!!!! Your methods have really helped me.

Terri and Bree (Brittany)

Dog Who Can't Wait to Start Working!

I'm sure you get thousands of emails daily but wanted to thank you. My golden had an "ah ha" moment yesterday and just had to share. She began playing with some toys, got herself all worked up... which is very unusual. Ran over to where I was standing and excitedly began to bark at me. I've had this dog for less than 2 months and don't think I've ever heard her bark before. She began to turn circles, gave me a beautiful sit, barked again to make sure I was paying attention and went into a down, she then proceeded to offer me every single thing we have been working on for the last few weeks. I ran for the treats as quickly as possible!! But it was like she was saying, "I get it!!"

I've been training dogs for many years and your process is very foreign but have to admit it is so much fun! We are a long way from being ready to show but in just a few weeks she has learned all the basic commands and we are now working on fetch for open. And we have done all this training without a leash, no prong collar, no harsh corrections. In fact, she can't wait to start working. Thank you for sharing your techniques and making her training such a wonderful experience.

Stace Fuller

Help from Bridget's DVDs

My boy Nitro was a slow, lagging, lazy, yellow lab. He stresses down big time. We were working in the open level and he did things like walking the broad jump, stoping on the figure 8 to sniff people, lagging so badly that we would NQ. Our average points off on heeling were close to 15 in every show.

For the last year I've been using your "Are you hungry?" from your dvds. I finally felt it was strong enough to take it to a show. We had the highest heeling score in the class. He NQ'ed by anticipating a jump (which for a lagging slow dog is a good problem to have IMO). Everyone complimented us on his heeling and attitude. This was a tough judge and we only lost a few points on crooked sits.

Anyway - just wanted to say thank you! I was planning on stopping showing him because nothing was working. But I will say that during first month of using your method, he just sat there staring at me, never offering behaviors. LOL. I have no doubt we can finish up our CDX now :) so --- THANK YOU!

Amy Dunphy & Nitro

Making a Difference in Students' Lives

I want to thank you for the best seminar ever! So much jelled for me this time around - thank you for your patience!!! You make a bigger difference in your seminar students' lives than you know!

Margaret Williams & Rocky

Contagious Energy and Enthusiasm

Thank you for the fantastic seminar at Top Dog and sharing your training techniques. You have given me plenty of things to work with to not only enhance my dog's working ability but his life. I've already starting implementing a few little things and I can already see the motivation kicking in. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Not only am I a student of Betsy's but I am one of the basic obedience instructors at Top Dog. One of my students was having a hard time getting her rescue mix to do a down. When I saw you demonstrate the down with the red Doberman, I thought it was something for me to pass on to my student. On Monday, we tried it with just her bending her legs as a chute as you first showed us and her dog went down on the second try! She did a few more downs and each successive one was easier and easier for her dog to down. The smile on her face was priceless! Her dog will be doing "dinner downs."

Thank you again,
Dianne Posteraro & Freddie (Golly G's Out of the Blue CD, RA, TDX, CCA)

freddie the golden retriever


My name is Sandra Nelson and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a very good friend of Andi Vaughan. I had a dog out of Andi's Rocky. I just lost him this last January at the age of almost 15. He was a wonderful dog and did very well in obedience. Now I have a young golden that is 2 1/2 who I have been training since he was 7 weeks old... After I talked to Andi and she said what I wonderful seminar of yours she had just attended I went online to first see if you were doing a seminar anywhere close to me. I didn't see any but I found that you had tapes or DVD's available. I ordered the Motivational DVD's. and I must say I have almost worn them out already. I am the kind of person that watches things over and over because every time I do I see and hear new things that I didn't notice before. You have totally inspired me in my training with my dog. Thank you so much!!

Sandy Nelson

Attitude in a Coonhound

I just wanted to thank you again for the instruction that I got at the two seminars that you have done at HOTC. I used your methods to train my very soft coonhound to qualifying for her CD. I got a lot of satisfaction watching her learn to trust me in new and scary situations. I know that you would not have been happy with her scores but I thought that for this particular dog, the scores were very good. I got one very important extra result. As she gained in confidence, she went from a dog that would show well occasionally to a dog that decided that conformation showing was a piece of cake compared to obedience. This past weekend Ch. Rockytop Practical Magic CD (Nikki) took a Hound Group III under Michelle Billings in Southaven Mississippi. She showed for me with her head up and her tail up and I was thrilled to pieces. The day that she got her first leg on her CD, I showed her in Best of Breed at our specialty and she made the cut from the top specials in our breed from all over the country and Canada. That day I realized the difference in her attitude.

I am a big fan of yours and I tell anyone that will listen (and some who will not listen) how very good your methods are. I like that you teach me how to make it clear to the dog what I do want and what I do not want. Once again, THANK YOU! I will see you next year if you return to Huntsville!

Edith S. Atchley
Rockytop Black and Tans

Four 1st Places!

I just wanted to let you know that since your seminar I am getting more focus from Bree. We were in a trial this weekend and 4 times in the ring earned us 4 first places!!!!! Your methods have really helped me.

Terri Latronica

HIT and HC at National Specialty

Just thought I would let you know that your suggestions are definitely helping my 5 yr old Bernese Mt Dog, Latte. I just got back from our national specialty (outside San Diego, long drive!) and I am very pleased to report that Latte went HIT out of Open w/ a 198.5!! She was also High Combined (she was the only Utility survivor out of 9 dogs.) This brings her up to 20 OTCH pts. Not a lot, but every little bit helps. THANK YOU for your help!!

Vilma Briggs and Ch. U-UD Brighteye Whole Latte Love, UDX, RAE, NA, NAJ, HCT, NDD

Glad I ordered the DVDs

I just wanted to let you know, I received your DVDs on Saturday, watched the first one last night, and all I can say is, I am sooooooooooo glad I ordered them. You are totally awesome, and I can't wait to get into the other two DVDs. I have a very easily made enthusiastic girl, which can easily be made more enthusiastic, so this is going to be so fun using your methods of training.

Thank you,

Audrey Young

Terrific Seminar

I wanted to thank you once again for a terrific seminar. I attended your Albany NY seminar in Oct and I learned so much and am using it with my 2 golden's Fenway (my high high energy golden) and his son Rookie. Your energy and obvious attention to how to get the best out of your dogs had me glued to my seat. I appreciate the obvious hard work you have put into your training program. I frequent your web site often and enjoy your training videos and hope to be back in the ring next spring. Until then I am once again enjoying obedience training with my dogs and I thank you for that. I plan on purchasing your DVD after the holidays.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Sue Moriarty

Excited About Training

A friend of mine introduced me to your website. After watching some of your training videos, I have not been this excited about training my girls in a very long time! I have two blue merle aussies, Macey is 4 yrs. old, and has her OTCH with 8 HITís also her Rally Excellent title and she is the first aussie in Canada to have earned a Draft Dog title. Her trial scores have all been up in the mid to high 190ís. My other girl is Sydney and she is now 2 yrs. old. She has earned her Rally Excellent title with scores in the high 90ís. She has not yet entered the obedience ring, but is trained thru to her utility routine. Now I am just working on proofing her.

I have been to American K-9 Country four times and have taken three working seminars with Sylvia Bishop. Your style of teaching reminds me very much of her ;o)

Do you have any plans to do a seminar in Canada any time soon ?

Thank- you so much for taking the time to read my email, and for inspiring me to have fun with my girls.

Sue Bosence, Canada


My Dog is So Much Happier Now!

Several months ago I contacted you about your drop on recall training clips. You were so gracious to reply.... I wanted you to know that I showed my Golden for the first time in over a year. We showed in Open A. I was just thrilled to get a 197.

Your training clips have helped me sooo much. Before I found them I had my dog going through the motions with out ANY enthusiasm. I figured if you can train for multiple venues, so can I. My dog is so much happier now.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Jean Haugland

The Energy is Contageous!

I simply wanted to tell you what a terrific seminar your provided for us at HOTC this past weekend. You are absolutely the most organized person I have ever seen and your energy is contaigous. And, I loved the way you sprinkle the vast amount of information you gave us with humor. There was truly never a down time in the entire weekend. I am already beginning to incorporate the things you taught and it is like a miracle--I am getting positive responses. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the greatest!!!!!

Norma Lattimore and the Scotties

Inspiration and an Improved Attitude...

Firstly, I want to thank you for the training videos that you have posted on your website. They have changed the way I work my dog, and my dog's heeling attitude has improved dramatically as a result. You are an inspiration to me, I am just beginning my journey in competition Obedience and have one leg to go in Novice A.

-- Heidi Pixley, Olive, and Sophie.

Increased Attention and Enthusiasm:

Just wanted to let you know how much your seminar in August (in Wichita ) has helped us. We were really having a hard time with attention and enthusiasm. Your techniques have helped us so much. You're great! Bailey got her CD in Salina this weekend!...We plan to continue on... she's really enjoying working now, and I know she'll enjoy Open more than Novice.

-- Debbie Snider and Bailey

debbie and bailey

Training for Accuracy... without Sacrificing Attitude and Speed

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar!!! My friends and I decided to attend your seminar because we strongly believe that dogs can work with accuracy WITHOUT sacrificing attitude and speed - and you have certainly achieved that. We were not disappointed - your seminar is packed with great ideas to keep dogs working with attitude, speed and accuracy - you provided great ideas for both seasoned dogs like Tyler and for my puppy!!

Your energy, enthusiasm and love for training is inspiring. You are down to earth and realistic, while always striving for improvement. You really encouraged us to think ahead, think outside the box and be creative. Your methodology is very fair for the dog - teaching each step carefully before asking the dog to take responsibility, and even then keeping it stress free for the dog. I can't even tell you how excited and inspired I am!! I'm already using a bunch of your ideas with Tyler.... I have to wait a few more weeks until I get my puppy -but then we'll be off to a flying start!! I've already recommended your seminar to a number of my friends and will continue to do so....

-- Petra

New Ideas for Training Terriers:

I spent the weekend just outside of Buffalo (a 6.5/7 hour drive) at a two loooooong (in a good way) day obedience seminar featuring Bridget Carlsen and her OTCH Norwich Hemi (as well as Bridget's three Goldens). It was an awesome seminar and I am full of new ideas. Bridget's enthusiasm was contagious and and I've never seen better coordination and timing.

She's just amazing. Little Hemi stole the show and I think there were more than a few 'big dog' people who left thinking that having a Norwich or Norfolk as an obedience dog might not be such a bad idea. (The fact that the training center was in a basement reached via a steep set of stairs made me happy to have Norfolks for more reasons than one. Little dogs and light equipment definitely have their plus side.)

-- Sheila
Folklore Norfolk Terriers

A More Positive Training Philosphy:

I was privileged to be able to attend the seminar you did in Lakeland Florida a few weeks ago. A couple of times listening to you and watching you work your dogs and talk about your training philosophy I actually got tears in my eyes. I truly felt excited also, as I have a golden that I am just beginning to really train in obedience and you touched home with me on so many things.. I am very excited that I will be using your methods that I learned about in our training. I am also the training director at my dog club and am trying to get more positive training to be our philosophy too and it is not easy sometimes with some of the older club members.

Thank you for your energy, your passion and your obvious love for the dogs and what you do. Thank you for firing me up and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to Florida and allow us to learn from you. I look forward to attending another seminar of yours again in the future.

-- Luci Seeley
Obedience Training Director
Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County

Motivation and a New Title:

... When I first attended your seminar me and my dog Rosco (black long haired mix) were struggling through Novice. Since than I have applied a lot of what you taught. Rosco is low drive and low motivation but your training techniques made a huge difference. Not only have we finished Novice but Rosco earned his U-CDX a few weeks ago, in three straight trials with all scores in the 190 (high = 197.5). So thanks for that too, we are both having more fun.

-- Hanna and Rosco

Informative and Entertaining:

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from the seminar. I must admit that because I knew you were into field work, I thought your training methods might be rather harsh. How absolutely wrong I was! You're awesome! It is so completely obvious how much you love your dogs even as you expect a lot from them...

...Thanks again for a marvelously informative and entertaining seminar. I can't wait to attend another once I have Bocelli further along with his training.

-- Sue and Bocelli

High in Trials and OTCH Points:

I attended one of your seminars last October just north of New Orleans.

I was the girl with no arms that had a very unmotivated doberman bitch, Annie. Not sure you'll remember, but you had recommended that I try training Annie in much the same way you train the Norwich, having them work for breakfast/dinner.

I took your advice to heart and pulled Annie from showing for two months while we switched to this method. Our first time back in the ring, mid December, showed promise, but still not quite what I wanted, but we kept working at it. Well, I wish you could see her now!!! The difference in her attitude, commitment and work ethic is truly unbelievable...

January/February we have earned two HIT's, 8 OTCH Points, and two Open B firsts. I know for you, Soupy, and Hootie, these may seem like average accomplishments, but to us, these used to be only in my dreams. I am beginning to believe I can get an OTCH.

-- Donna Rock and MACH Rock 'N Annie UD

(NOTE: Donna and Annie did get their OTCH in 2008!!!)

bridget and hootie heeling at pond